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Hillside Traditional Academy
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Parents As Partners

​Parents as partners uphold the values and foundations of the Traditional Academy. They encourage excellence in academics, high standards of respectful behaviour, regular attendance and pride in student uniforms. Parents assist in many aspects of the school life: Parent Advisory Council (PAC), , District liaisons (DPAC), reading with students, coaching sports teams, bulletin boards and displays, arranging for special guest speakers (or are guests themselves), fundraising, book fairs, backdrops and props for theatrical productions, hot lunches, traffic and parking, etc. Parents will be provided with suggestions as to how they may be supportive of their child’s learning both with homework and classroom assignments.

An important part of the Hillside Traditional Academy family is you, the parent.  Research findings conclude that there is a direct correlation between parent participation and a child’s success.  Whether it is reading to your children at home, monitoring homework, volunteering at school, attending PAC meetings, or participating in an after school club or sports activity, we value and encourage your participation.  Parents are an integral component to any traditional school model and to that end, at Hillside Traditional Academy we will make every effort to keep you informed and involved. 

The 2022-23 PAC executive  is: 
  • Chair - Shannon Reynolds
  • Vice Chair - Lauren Beneteau
  • Secretary –Emma Wilson
  • Treasurer – Breanna Reilly
  • DPAC Reps - Angela Manno, Jillian Vanderhoek
  • Member at Large: Jenny Joe Ewert, Coral Hinz Kelsey Brekstad, Karly Bergen
A full description of the roles is located on the Hillside P.A.C Facebook page, as well as on the PAC bulletin board beside the office window.   

To contact the Hillside PAC