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Hillside Traditional Academy
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School Supply List

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Uniform Dress Code

All students who attend Hillside Traditional Academy are required to wear the prescribed uniform. The uniform committee, consisting of parents and staff, created a school uniform which is mandatory for all students.

It is our belief that uniform dress codes foster the following:

  • A sense of belonging and pride
  • A safer and more respectful learning and teaching environment
  • A confident and positive sense of self and respect for the dignity and welfare of others


Our students are ambassadors for Hillside Traditional Academy in the community; well-groomed students who wear well maintained uniforms create a positive image. We believe that the responsibility for maintaining the dress code rests with the parents and students together. It is the expectation that students look presentable at all times. When making decisions about appropriateness of uniform items and personal accessories, parents are asked to ensure that no items, hairstyles or accessories detract from the general appearance of the uniform. Hair extensions and hair dyes must be of naturally occurring colours.

Hillside Traditional Academy Uniform 2019.pdf

Students are required to have two pairs of black shoes for school.

Indoor Shoes

Shoes should be all black or can have up to 10% color, which would leave room for a small brand name logo. Laces must be black. If your indoor shoes are not runners, you must supply your child with runners for Physical Education which must meet the approved criteria above. *We recommend Velcro runners for K-3.

Outdoor Shoes

Shoes should be all black or can have up to 10% color, which would leave room for a small brand name logo. Laces must be black.

DPA might be a walk in the neighbourhood or some extra climbing on the playground equipment. PE classes are also outside on the field for fall or spring sports. It is also a time that teachers plan for field trips and excursions off the premises. The school uniform requirements are for black shoes (no more than 10% colour). Therefore outside black shoes are required for any activity that occurs during instructional time. Take advantage of the last of the winter sales to purchase black footwear for your child. Remember to change out the coloured or white laces for black.

Where do I purchase my child's uniform?

Able Cresting

31281 Wheel Ave

Abbotsford BC



Communication between home and school is of critical importance. We make every effort to send home newsletters every month. Any other special notices are sent home as needed.

Monthly newsletters are emailed home to parents. Please ensure that the office has your current email address. Newsletters click here.


All students at Hillside Traditional Academy will used planners daily throughout the school year. Consistant use of the student planner helps students become organized and effective learners. Planners are also an important communication system between school and home, and are useful tool for parents to monitor homework and upcoming events. Student will be taught how to effectively use planners, and parents are asked to initial each day that they have reviewed the homework and/or communication from teachers.

Planners cost $8.00 each.

Sign up for Hot Lunch and PAC Events

All of our hot lunches and movie afternoons, as well as several other events are ordered through our online system:

To register use access code HTHL.

Once registered, parents can make orders, see dates and details for the year in the events calendar, sign up for volunteer opportunities, and then receive email reminders.